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by Rachel Toyer, staff write


More than 50 clubs and organizations kicked off HPU’s 2007 spring semester with Club Carnival, Feb. 2 on Fort Street Mall. Hundreds of students were able to sign up with campus professional, recreational, and cultural clubs. HPU diversity was prominent on campus as numerous ethnic clubs recruited new members who wanted to get to know different cultures and meet new people.

William Kittredge, secretary of the United Samoan Organization, said, “I’m not Samoan, but I dove into the culture when I saw how much fun these guys were having. I wanted to be a part of the fun and participate in the community service they did.”

Justin Smith, president of the Black Student Union, gave out candy with flyers about the organization’s upcoming events. Smith said, “The mission of the BSU is to bring people of various backgrounds together to work within the community and enhance their college experience.”

Club Hafa Adai, a new organization that promotes the culture of Guam through food and entertainment, displayed the flag of Guam and photos of things to do and places to visit in Guam. Derrick Solidum, club vice president said, “[O‘ahu] is a small island, and we want to try to spread Guam’s culture throughout the island.”

Also a new organization on campus, the Apple Club, had a table and recruited its members by using a Macintosh Ibook instead of the traditional pen and paper. People who signed up for the club could win a free Ipod, President and Apple campus representative Abe Gruber said, “I chose to sign people up this way.” Grueber added, “Because I already have them in my address book and I can send them an e-mail instantly. “Each club”, he further explained, “is given a certain amount of money to spend on Club Carnival, and I chose to do a free giveaway.”

Several professional clubs also had tables on campus: Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA, is “a premier pre-professional organization” according to its President Brandi Boatner, who believes the club offers students the opportunity to expand their networks within the professional community.

“ Club Carnival is an excellent recruiting opportunity,” Boatner said, “because even though this is a PR organization we like to see more communications majors.”

Various community organizations offered discounted services to students. 24-Hour Fitness offered cheaper gym memberships with no start up fees. Nelnet offered counseling and advice about consolidating student loans postgraduation. Café 1132 offered students quick snacks and lattes for reasonable prices.

Jared Thompson, a junior and business major, said, “Club Carnival is a great idea because it opens students’ eyes to all the opportunities that we wouldn’t know about otherwise, and it is a great way to meet people who like the same things.”


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