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Kalamalama Online Volume 24 No. 3 March 6, 2000
Job Fair magnet draws 1,000 students

Job Fair front page photo.jpg (28569 bytes)
Annual Job Fair No. 5 drew about 1,000 students to their possible future employers. HPU President Chatt G. Wright, left, and CSC director Lianne Maeda chat with an employer.
Photo by Rick Bernico

Job Fair The Hawai‘i economy is seeing more and more signs of recovery, and on Feb. 25 HPU added another.

About 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students were drawn to the annual Job Fair where 84 employers from all over the country waited to make connections. Some students even landed preliminary interviews.

  Other stories:
  • Environment Many international students at HPU are used to recycling their plastic soft drink bottles and are shocked to find that Hawai‘i lacks a similar recycling system.
  • Transportation The number of HPU vans available to students is limited, but far from zero.
  • Internet The Internet has erased the traditional borders of gambling and brought the industry into Hawai‘i homes..
  • HPU tennis The HPU men’s tennis team beat biggest rival BYU-H Feb. 15, and coach Henry Somerville says the mental boost is enough to carry the team to the nationals.

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