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Todai - reasonable Japanese cuisine

by Yuki Ohashi, staff writer

Like sushi but don’t want to pay sushi bar prices? Like Japanese flavors? Like all-you-can-eat at reasonable prices? Todai is for you. Located at 1910 Ala Moana Boulevard, across from the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Todai Restaurant caters to both local regulars and tourists and serves hundreds of them everyday.

“We have an average of 1,000 customers every day,” said Todai’s Manager, Sean Aye. Todai serves an average of 5,000 pieces of sushi for lunch and more than 25,000 pieces for dinner! And you can eat as much as you want for $14.95 for lunch or $ 26.95 for dinner which includes more items to select for.

“Our strong point is our large variety of sushi and other dishes,” Aye said. With 40 sushi items, 12 salad items, more than 18 hot-food entrees, and 20 different kinds of dessert, Aye is proud of the huge variety of food he serves in Honolulu. Since there are 40 sushi items, you can taste almost any kind of sushi you can imagine – shellfish, squid, salmon, eel, yellow fin tuna, mackerel, spicy tuna, and futomaki which is rice rolled with omelet, gourd, vegetables, and spices.

At the hot food section, you will find teriyaki chicken and beef, Japanese noodles, and different seafood entrees including lobster. Todai desserts include cookies and many different kinds of small cakes. The most interesting pastries are crepes with a variety of fruit and cream filling.

Aye, who recently moved from the San Jose Todai Restaurant, is working on unique, local-tasting dishes such as Spam Hand Rolls. “Hawaii’s local people just love Spam,” he said. “We also try to offer customers healthy, tasty, and satisfying ordinary Japanese food, so we have local Japanese supervisors for each section in order to satisfy Japanese tastes,” he added.



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