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Broke? Don't despair

by Charlene Anne Rico, copy editor emerita

Are you broke? I know I am Ė thatís why I decided to scope out Oahu and find the best places to go for the cheapest prices possible. Weíre in college for goodness sakes, and except for the few who have mommies and daddies who pay for everything, the majority of us are dirt poor. And Iím talking eating tuna out of the can every day kind of poor.

When the weekend comes, I find myself often wondering where to go. Iím getting tired of the same old thing Ė letís put all our money together and go get a keg and have another lame party in the middle of nowhere with all the same people. I discovered Oahuís two best kept secrets, and the best part is, theyíre both in town, on University Avenue mauka (mountain side) of King Street.

The first is Bedroq. If you arenít 21 yet, this place is great because itís 18 years and older, so getting in is not a problem. The cover for 18-20 year olds is $5 and for 21 and over, itís $3. For those of you who are 21, the drinks are the best deal in town. Pitchers of beer range from $4-$5 depending on what youíre drinking, and Ė this is the best part Ė Long Island Iced Teas are $2 a piece. Who can beat that?

Bedroq is two stories. Itís not the roomiest place, but the drinks are so cheap, you wonít even notice it. On the first floor, a long bar runs along a wall, but itís cramped. The walking distance between the bar and the stairs is about 30 feet. The dance floor is also on the first floor. This floor has the capacity of holding about 40 people, but as the night goes on and the liquor flow opens, the dance floor packs about 100 people Ė shoulder to shoulder, butt to butt. This place really heats up. I think there is only one fan, so wear as little as legally possible if youíre planning to dance.

There is a lanai on the second floor that has tables and a great view of the Jiffy Lube. There are also pool tables and dartboards and a lone bar that stands in the far left-hand corner. The crowd at Bedroq ranges from UH-Manoa students who arenít old enough to get in anywhere else to military guys to surfers, to, well, just about every type of person. The party really doesnít start to get going until about 11 p.m. and it closes at 2 a.m.

Right across the street is Magooís Pizza. This is definitely for the mellower crowd. This used to be the place where everyone from UH went to hang out, but the crowd is opening up and youíll see a variety of people there. Sorry, kids, itís 21 and older here. There is no cover charge (yea!). Magooís basically serves two things: pizza and beer. Letís just say we didnít go there to eat. Pitchers are $5 and they have $1 margaritas. There is no DJ, but there is a juke box that plays everything from Bob Marley to the Eagles. The atmosphere is very laid back but it's cramped. There are tables and chairs crammed into this place. Make sure you get there early because it can get crowded.

Magooís is a great place to meet people outside of HPU. Rarely does a fight break out and itís also a great place to watch sports. They have two huge screen TVís in opposite corners and the L-shaped bar is right in the middle.

All in all, if youíre looking for a way to have fun and conserve money, these are the places to go. So grab some friends, pool your money, and see what happens.



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