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Students on the street - in high heels

interview by Vivian Chung, staff writer

With thousands of different styles of high-heeled shoes, every female student is sure to have her own favorites. Generally, HPU women wear mules, boots, platform shoes, and sandals with one- to three- inch high heels. Kalamalama went to Fort Street Mall and asked them three simple questions:

Q1: Why are you wearing high heels?

Q2: How do your feet feel?

Q3: If you know that high-heeled shoes cause major skeletal damage, would you still wear them?

Californian Shedia Nelson, a communication major: "Well, I don't wear high heels too much. My feet are comfortable as I just got out of class." Would she keep wearing them? "In moderation.?

Chikako Fujiwara, a TIM major from Japan: "Because I am short, I feel comfortable." Would she stop wearing them because of skeletal damage? "I never worry about it."

Carol Leogite, a marketing major from Tahiti: "Because they look nice. They are okay, once you get used to them." Would you keep wearing them? "Yeah, because you only live once."

Karishma Chowfin, a TIM major from India: "Because I am short and I like to look tall. My feet feel good." Would you keep wearing them? "Yes, it kills to look good."

Kamelia Heydare, a MSIS major from Sweden: "Because I am not that tall. It depends how high the heels are. Those really high heels are pain." Would skeletal damage stop her from wearing them? "Actually, I am aware of it, but I still do it."

Pani Talebi, a computer information system major from Iran: "Because it is nice and it shows more of my feminine body. It's the first time I am wearing them so high, so it is a little bit hard." Would she keep wearing them? "No!"

Emi Ashikaga, a TIM major from Japan: "Look taller. Feel good!" Would she keep wearing them? "No."

All photos by Nathalie Parkvall
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