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Science & Environment

Nathalie Parkvall, editor

From sheep to science - Coconut Island

Before 1930, Bishop Estate-owned Coconut Island, or Moku O Lo ‘e, was a 12-acre island used as a base for local shepherds and fishermen. Little did anyone know that the island would gain national notoriety by being featured in the opening credits of the popular ‘60s TV show Gilligan’s Island, and few could foresee the many changes that would make the island a rather special place today.

Robot Animals

Imagine yourself in a world where nature’s smallest animals are blown up 100 times their normal size. Well, technology can do that and even animate these oversized creatures, as you’ll discover at The Robot Zoo, a collection of high-tech computer-animated animal robots on display at Bishop Museum through Sep. 3.

Mind games help Alzheimer's patients

Alzheimer’s disease is a world-wide health problem, and the number of people suffering from it increases annually. It is not only an elderly health problem; young people also get the disease. While numerous public and private research organizations are working on developing high-tech cures for Alzheimer's, one doctor in Hong Kong has had good results with some very low-tech methods.

Cutting-edge technology, personal service

Where do Hawaii’s laser eye surgeons go when they need surgery on their eyes? They go to EyeSight Hawaii, at 3360 Waialae Ave., according to Dr. John Olkowski. “I want to be assured that I am going to be successful more than ‘most of the time’,” said Olkowski, describing his personal involvement in pre-operative and post-operative treatment of patients versus the lack of personal treatment at other laser surgery clinics.


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