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Wireless connections at HPU

Students can use personal laptops to access computer center

by Kalamalama staff

HPU is going wireless this fall. With the growing use of wireless communication and the technology provided by CISCO Systems, HPU students will be able to take advantage of this mobile state-of-the-art technology to break away from the traditional “wired” stations.

Students using laptop computers with this technology will no longer need to go to the HPU Computer Center to check e-mail or jump on Campus Pipeline, HPU’s intranet system. They can do research on the Web and use all the resources that the Internet has to offer just by being in the vicinity where wireless connectivity is available on campus.

“Wireless technology is just one of many exciting high-tech applications emerging on campus,” said Itoh. “Our goal is to provide the best service available to our students and to keep Hawai’i Pacific University at the forefront of new technologies available in the 21st century.”

Wireless technology utilizes radio waves to link a student’s laptop computer to access points. A total of eight access points will be located in the downtown campus by fall semester. The student’s laptop computer, equipped with a PCMCIA wireless PC card, will be able to upload and download data at up to full Ethernet speed (10+Mbps), which is significantly faster than cable and DLS modems. Plans are in place to deploy wireless technology at HPU’s other remote campuses and dormitories in the upcoming school year.

Computer Center software applications will also be available through wireless connection in the very near future. These include MS Office, Visual Studio, Pagemaker, and System Architect, among others. Eventually, various classes will require the use of laptops to access Internet-enabled course material, as well as other multimedia content.

While the idea of wireless technology is slowly catching on at other universities across the globe, the technology already available at HPU makes the University a valid contender with other college campuses, according to Justin Itoh, associate vice president of Information Technology Services at HPU.



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