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ACE changes name, but stays the same

by ACE/ASC staff

ASC us why we’ve changed our name.

“For years the Adult Continuing Education Office at Hawaii Pacific University has been known as the ACE Office. It has been a good name and we will always consider our adult student aces! But our full name is quite a mouthful, and does not exactly reflect what we do at this office,” explains Caroline Garrett, Associate Dean and Director of the Adult Service Center. “We thought it was time to find a name that better describes our role at Hawaii Pacific University. We are not actually a program, but an office that provides a range of services to adult students. Therefore, we have re-named ourselves the Adult Service Center or ASC (pronounced ask),” Garrett adds.

ASC us what we do.

“We do all of the things we have always done,” said Garrett: helping adult students to plan and register for HPU classes and trying to make their transactions with the University as smooth and efficient as possible.

ASC us to help you with planning.

Adults like to begin an educational journey knowing when they will achieve their goal. If you are an adult student, evaluate your previously earned credits and documented professional education. They sit with you and, according to your needs, plot the most efficient and economical path to your goal whether that be a degree, certificate, or a selection of courses.

ASC us to help you register for classes.

ASC register students by appointment. This way you know that when you come in to register, you won’t need to wait in line, and your advisor will be available to assist you. ASC can assist with any of your HPU concerns, and they will either provide direct assistance, or put you in touch with the HPU Office that can best address your needs. "Come see us anytime," adds Garrett.



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