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Student art exhibition impressive
by Hsiao-Wei Peng, A&E editor

An annual exhibition of art works by student artists, faculty, and staff opened March 24 at HPU’s windward campus, with a special exhibition, In Living Color, by John McLaughlin. Including drawings, paintings and photography, most pieces exhibited were produced as assignments in HPU’s studio art and photography classes.

Click on image for larger view

Relaxed is a charcoal drawing by Jill Merl. Depicting a nude woman reclining on a couch, the drawing clearly expresses the feeling of being relaxed. Another piece, Whitney Pong’s City in the Mist, created a feeling of peace and comfort. The photo was taken from the top of a mountain with different views of a city by the coast.

Besides student artists and faculty’s works, there is also a special exhibition In Living Color by John McLaughlin. Featuring an eclectic collection of colored pencil drawings, the selected pieces represent an overview of his work with colored pencils for the last 10 years.

His style of work is distinguished by his vibrant use of color that positively reflects his energetic and entertaining personality. Originally from the mainland, McLaughlin served in the U.S. Navy in Hawai‘i during the Vietnam War. After that, he moved back to California to attend school and received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts-Painting from San Francisco State University. In 1982, he came back to Hawai‘i. Now, he is the manager of One Fas Lube, a family business.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in art to go and give the participating students praise for their achievements. The exhibition will be through May 3, 2002. The HPU Art Gallery hours are Mon.- Sat., 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Admission is free and the public is invited. For more information call: 544-0287.

Artists/media selected

Helen Regan, Whitney Pong, Chika Orito, Cristy Glass, Ashley Burchard, Anna Bellizzi, Azedech Ghotaslou

Kathy Hansen
Oil: Scott Shaub

Jeremiah Pangels, Tomiko Tazami, Seabelo Silibena, INRA, Katie Jessup, Adrian Neal, Ashleigh Weber.

Colored pencil:
John C. McLaughlin

Charcoal:Jill Merl, Tiffany Shiraishi, Mitloa Choi, Lauren Smyser, Lyn Lee
Black sketch marker: Cinnamon Williams

Computer graphics:
Samuel J. Carmichael

Brenda Smith



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