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Battle of lthe Bands - HPU votes
by Charles Ward, staff writer

In April, Kalamalama randomly questioned students on the mall about their musical know-how and personal preferences, specifically their favorite band: “If you could pick one band that you love to listen to more than all the others, who would it be?”

One hundred students responded, and while some knew immediately which group they liked, others were as indecisive as 10-year-old children selecting their favorite ice cream flavor. In the end, the votes were carefully tabulated. Here are the results.

10 - Lostprophets
This British nu-metal band is two cups of Linkin Park mixed with a touch of Saves the Day. With six members (including two lead guitarists and a wickedly creative DJ), the Lost Prophets have tapped into wildly creative sound. Their debut album Fake Sound of Progress is burning up the airwaves, with the single, “Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja” taking center stage.



9 - Nickelback
This three-piece Canadian rock group blew up on the MTV scene last winter with their hit single, “This is How You Remind Me.” Their 10-track sophomore set, 2001’s Silver Side Up has brought the band critical acclaim nationwide. Aside from the alt/rock group Our Lady Peace, Nickelback may be the best thing to come out of Canada since bacon.
8 - Oleander
Arguably as good as Creed but nearly unknown outside of their native California (due in large part to distribution issues), Oleander mixes catchy harmonies with excellent instrumentals. Their latest album, Unwind, was as good as their 1999 debut February’s Son, while their single “Are You There?” could have easily been the best song of last year.
7 - Hoobastank
Possessing a sound similar to Incubus, Hoobastank is young and fresh, filling its songs with killer guitar riffs and brilliantly crafted melodies. Its radio hit “Crawling in the Darkness” is just one of the many radio-friendly songs on the debut album, Hoobastank.
6 - Incubus
After its single “Drive” placed them at the top of the music industry, Incubus released its finest effort yet, with the critically praised album Morning View. “Wish You Were Here” and “Nice to Know You” have already gotten serious MTV and radio play, and with another single set to drop in late summer (and another album early next year), Incubus looks to be staying around for a long time to come.
5 - Jeremiah Freed
This five-man band possesses one of the best singer/guitarist combinations since Guns ‘N Roses and Creed, and its debut album of the same name looks set to deliver great things in 2002. Even though the members graduated from high school in 2001, Jeremiah Freed shows musical maturity far beyond their ages. Highlights are the very radio friendly “Rain,” the 8:45-minute epic “Eyes. Life. Change,” and the catchy acoustic ballad, “Ginger.”
Jeremiah Freed
4 - Blink 182
Blink’s been around, and it doesn’t look ready to fall off anytime soon. Take off Your Pants and Jacket may not have been its finest hour, but it was a solid album none the less, and with “Stay Together For the Kids” and “Rock Show,” Blink showed it hasn’t lost a beat since the days of “Damn It.”
Blink 182
3 - Lifehouse
21-year-old singer and lead guitarist Jason Wade may be one of the best songwriters in the industry, and Lifehouse, his three-man band, has found a sound that is refreshingly original. “Hanging By a Moment,” the first single cut from the debut No Name Face, was a monster hit, and with Lifehouse’s exquisite use of production, catchy choruses, and heartfelt lyrics, any song off No Name Face could easily become the next TRL No. 1, rare indeed.
2 - Linkin Park
Its debut album Hybrid Theory (ironically the group’s original name) has gone seven-times platinum, its singles “In the End” and “Crawling” have become radio regulars, it has done for rap/metal what Nirvana did for alternative. Currently, when not touring, Linkin Park is hard at work on the sophomore set (as of yet unnamed), but with another single and video (its fourth) by fall, Linkin Park is still riding high off Hybrid Theory.
Linkin Park
1 - Creed
It brought rock back to the masses, and in many ways could be the best band to come along since, well, Led Zeppelin. Creed’s mix of hard and soft rock, deep lyrics, and unbelievable melodies and hooks leave little to be desired. With My Own Prison, Human Clay, and the recently released Weathered, Creed has proven that our most popular band (Human Clay went 12 times platinum) is also our best.


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