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Club Awards honor students
by Rose McKenney, associate Student Life editor

On one of the most eventful nights of the year, ASHPU – The Associated Student of HPU hosted the annual Club Awards Banquet on April 16 at the Radisson Prince Kuhio Hotel.

The Banquet recognizes clubs and their members for their hard work throughout the year. Twenty-three clubs and the ASHPU student council participated.

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The evening began with a welcoming speech by Student Life Director Heather Hubbard, who introduced each ASHPU member, and brief opening remarks by Academic Vice President John Fleckles.

“Clubs have gone above and beyond this year,” said Hubbard. “This banquet is to recognize that.”
After dinner, each club presented Most Active Member awards to students who did outstanding work throughout the year. The recipients, selected by their peers, were each given an engraved koa bowl.

“We are a family, so winning was a real surprise,” said psychology major Eteline Pula, the United Samoan Organization’s Most Active Member.

Surprise recognition went to Vice President for Student Service Nancy Ellis and Vice President of Administration Rick Stepien, for making ASHPU’s successful events possible.

Marsha Khong, Junior Representive, was ASHPU’s most active member, chosen for her active encouragement of her fellow officers and her hard work on all projects, especially the Spring Formal.

A new award was given this year. The Most Philanthropic Club award, for the club most involved in community service, which went to the Rotaract Club, for all its service projects.

“We don’t do this to win awards,” said anthropology major Theresa Aronsson. Katja Silverå, a marketing major, added that “It’s about service above self. It’s about networking and community service.”

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The club advisors nominated for Advisor of the Year award were asked to stand and be recognized by the audience. The award went to Dr. Helen Varner, advisor for three clubs – Fantasy Gamers, Akamai Advertising, and IABC.

The most distinguished award, the Club of the Year for the most active club at HPU, went to Alakai Jaycees.

“It was a big surprise, and it’s the teamwork that counts,” said club president Jenny Lai (2001). “Everybody’s a winner.”

ASHPU president Selawe Tau gave the closing remarks for the evening, and his personal farewell.
“A wonderful year for the students.” Tau said in his speech. “ASHPU has made me a better man. I hope to make other people better, too. If students are happy, I’m happy. Thank you to everyone!”
To end the evening, ASHPU had one last surprise, an appreciation award for Heather Hubbard, for being a great advisor. Hubbard also received a standing ovation from the audience, which is a first for any Student Life director.

“I think that it was a wonderful event,” said international major and SIFE’s most outstanding member Benedikt Goetz.

Most active members:

Audrey Barnet (Marine Science Club)
Brigette Istre ( IABC and Christian Fellowship)
Eteline Pula (United Samoan Organization)
Charlene Oon (Singapore Students Association)
John Havey (Catholic Campus Ministry)
Lisa Cripe (Akamai Advertising)
Benedikt Goetz (Students in Free Enterprise – SIFE)
Shaun Tateishi (The Debate Society)
Queenie Ho (Alakai Jaycees)
Jamie Raddat (United Nations)
Heather Mossinger (Peer Support)
Jan Sakamoto (Project Management club)
Marc A. Venzon ( Philippine Student Association)
Kyle Hays (Arts and Activities)
Christine Paul (Psychology club)
Donmerle Capati (Social Work, Human Service club)
Mark Smith (Fantasy Gamers)
Florian Zizlavsky (TIMSO)
George Olivas (Intercultural Teachers Organization)
Bo Johan Åström (Organizational Change Association)
Jenny Lundahl (Press Club)
Mattias Lorell (Swedish Student Association)


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