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Fair promotes student health
by Esther Wu, Dining / Theatre editor

“Clapping, music, and people. It’s always fun,” said Director of Student Life Heather Hubbardof the spring Health Fair, presented in conjunction with Nurses’ Poster Day, April 10 on Fort Street Mall.

The Health Fair, once an annual event, is now held twice a year. “We want to show the nursing students’ hard work,” Hubbard said.

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The Health Fair also brought to campus various organizations from outside the University, including 24-Hour Fitness, the American Lung Association, the American Red Cross, the Emergency Medical Response Team, the Central YWCA, and more. “It’s all to help students examine themselves and improve their health,” said Hubbard.

Kaiser Permanente Heath Center gave away health benefits such as free hospital visits and prescription discounts. “Even though the HPU Kaiser Clinic will move off campus in May, we will still provide the same great service to HPU students,” said Alan Okamura, Nursing Supervisor from Kaiser. “Our new location will be the Kaiser Permanente Honolulu Clinic on Pensacola Street.”

One booth about Sexually Transmitted Diseases provided information such as signs and symptoms of different STD’s, and also educated people on how to prevent them. “We are here to give away our brochures or flyers about STD’s, but we sometimes scare people away,” said a nursing student. “So, we just put them on our table for people to take.”

The HPU Health Fair not only provided information but also taught people ways to keep healthy. Two stress management sessions taught students how to release stress.

“I am so stressed out from all final projects and exams, so I am here to learning how to relax,” said Linda D’Auito, an HPU senior. “I believe this skill can be used in any situation in my life.”

The HPU Cheerleaders and Dancers did aerobic performances and demonstrated how exercise and aerobics can help individuals to live healthy.



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