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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

As the academic year draws to a close, I want to thank our men and women in uniform on behalf of Hawai‘i Pacific University for their sacrifices in service to our Nation, and for selecting Hawai‘i Pacific University to further their academic studies. Service members often labor under extraordinary conditions to earn their degrees, including planned and unplanned military deployments for training and operational requirements. They study on planes, type papers on laptops in tents, and remain in e-mail contact throughout the world with their HPU instructors to keep pace with academic degree requirements. Our military students are a valuable part of the HPU family.

I want to report on some recent and planned changes as well as improvements to the programs we offer on our military campuses. The changes are designed to strengthen our academic programs while providing improved support to both students and faculty.

First, HPU’s military population now totals almost 2,600 students, a major portion of our total undergraduate student body. In addition to the military, HPU also serves United States Coast Guard personnel assigned to Hawai‘i. The military and the university have enjoyed a long relationship dating back to 1974 when Hawai‘i Pacific was invited to offer programs at Schofield Barracks. During the 1970s, academic courses at military installations were called “Military Programs” under the leadership of Jim Hochberg. In 1980, Military Programs was changed to “Satellite Programs.”

I am pleased to announce that on May 1, the Satellite Programs Department will officially be named Military Campus Programs. The new name will make it easier for military students to research information on our Web site. Our military campus staff will continue to provide the same great customer service and programs to our military students.

Starting in Term 3-2002, at Hickam AFB, HPU unveiled its new Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and Military Studies (BSDMS) program headed up by Dr. Michael Pavkovic, HPU associate professor and program coordinator. Also at Hickam, HPU led a consortium of eight other schools to establish a shared computer laboratory providing high-speed Internet access via Road Runner connectivity.

I am very proud of our military and Coast Guard students not only for their academic achievements, but for the many contributions they make to our community. Mahalo to you all.

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