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Indonesian Kommando - fearless HPU wrestler
by Renhat Silitonga, staff writer

People love to see wrestling, but how many have actually been a part of a match? That’s a different story.

For Dimas Santoso, a graduate student majoring in business at HPU, wrestling inside of the ring is a dream come true. He wanted to become a pro wrestler ever since he watched a World Wrestling Federation match on TV in 1996.

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The dream came true when he passed the audition to be a wrestler, conducted by World League Wrestling (WLW) in the early year of 1998. “I was selected from 28 people enrolled in the audition,” said Santoso, adding that a total of seven people were selected. He has been in training with WLW ever since.

“My first match in front of audience with WLW was in July 1999,” said Santoso. “My character was Indonesian Kommando.”

“I wanted to have a stage character that would represent my country,” said Santoso, as he explained that Kommando is spelled with a “K” in Indonesia.

Santoso did not fight for WLW very long as it went bankrupt and was taken over by Island Extreme Wrestling Federation (IXWF) in 2000. IXWF is a chapter of the National Wrestling Alliance which was formed by Professional Wrestling promoters throughout North America in order to avoid stringent U.S. anti-trust laws, according to

Santoso started his career in Hawai‘i wrestling as a “jobber”, a person who loses all the time. He was a jobber from 1998 to 1999. In 1999, he was promoted to a “heel,” a bad character that people would hate. In 2001, Santoso become a “face,” a good character the audience will love. Face is the last level in IXWF ranking.

Santoso is now ranked No.2 in IXWF hardcore championship wrestling.

According to Lars Anderson, who was the manager for WLW, Santoso is the first professional wrestler from Indonesia in America.



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