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Akamai Advertising heads to Nationals
by Alicia Michioka, business manager

HPU won the district 13 NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition), hosted by Hawai‘i Advertising Federation, April 20 at the Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel.

This is HPU’s 10th year participating in the annual competition, which it has won seven times.

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This year’s presentation team, made up of seniors Jeff Colwell, Dan Jarrett, Alicia Michioka, Maria Le Rossow, Cassie Tyson, with Yonie Espiritu as an alternate, will travel to Bal Harbor, Florida in early June for the National competition.

HPU started planning its advertising campaign for this year’ client Banc of America Investment Services, Inc. as a class assignment for ADV 4900, the advertising major’s capstone course.
Competing against HPU this year was the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. “The competition was tough this year,” said Dr. Helen Varner, dean of communication, and co-advisor along with Dr. Jan-Michelle Sawyer for HPU’s team.

After both teams presented and answered questions, the judges decision took more than an hour to determine the winner as they had to compare the presentations not only to each other, but to the campaign plan each team submitted.

After three long months, the presentation team screamed with joy when HPU was announced the winner of the competition. Excited friends, family and classmates, who had worked on the campaign, surrounded the presenters, Dr. Varner and Dr. Sawyer and congratulated them on their win.

Now the HPU team will begin to perfect the presentation for the national competition in June and for the Hawaii Ad agencies at the HAF conference on May 22.
The team has one major goal at Florida. “To bring HPU home another trophy from this year’s national competition,” said Tyson.



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