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Military Corner: ASL Degree Popular
by Cpl. Luis R. Agostini, MCB Hawai'i

With forced marches, inspections, barracks duty, irregular working shifts, and other duties required of servicemembers, taking classes at the HPU downtown or Hawai‘i Loa campus may seem out of the question. Many degree programs have requirements, i.e., upper-level courses, which are only offered at the downtown campus.

HPU’s satellite program has made it possible for servicemembers to obtain an associate’s degree without having to leave the front gate. The Associate in Supervisory Leadership (ASL) is a special curriculum degree available only to students on military bases.

Application of military training and experience to this program is based upon the credit recommendations provided by the American Council on Education (ACE), according to HPU.
A maximum of 36 semester hours may be granted for various nontraditional experiences – based on ACE recommendations – which may include credits gained from recruit training, military occupational specialty schools, and Marine Corps Institute correspondence courses, according to HPU’s Associate in Supervisory Leadership Web page.

Also granted are Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support and the College Level Examinations Program (CLEP). Fifty percent of the ASL curriculum is made up of unrestricted electives, contributing to the program’s flexibility.

The ASL program will not only further students’ education, but it will also enhance servicemembers’ leadership capabilities.

“The Associates in Supervisory Leadership provides servicemembers with significant opportunities to explore the nature and responsibilities of the supervisor as leader,” said Bob Cyboron, academic liaison for satellite programs on military bases. “The quality education provided by HPU coupled with military experience result in better supervisors and leaders. Thus one’s value to our uniform services and promotion potential are enhanced significantly. It is a unique and flexible program that recognizes military experiences.”

With this degree, or any other degree from any of the accredited institutions on base, students can move on to pursue higher learning and obtain their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees.
For more information, contact HPU at its Joint Education Centers.



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