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Monkey business at Waikiki night club
by Reenie Young, News editor

Blue Tropics nightclub located at 1700 Kapiolani Blvd. is a popular place for drinking and dancing.

However, revelers, expecting to have a great time, may be taken aback at the sight of caged monkeys behind the bar.

Click on image for larger view

It seemed to me that no one else in the club even noticed the monkeys running back and forth excitedly behind a glass wall apparently built to protect them from harm by humans. But I couldn’t help thinking, what about the monkeys’ rights to be in an humane environment?

The Hawaiian Humane Society, under contract with the City and County of Honolulu, enforces the laws for the prevention of cruelty of animals. So what is The Humane Society doing about the monkeys at Blue Tropics?

Eve Holt, community relations director for the Society, said that while HHS feels it is inappropriate to use monkeys as entertainment in a bar setting, the Society conducted several investigations with a complete look at the animals’ environment: food, shelter, and water. “No violations were found under the cruelty law.”

The owner of Blue Tropics, Darren Tsuchiya, said, “The monkeys came here from a private zoo in Arizona. They were not being fed and their skins were breaking down with sores. Their fur was brown instead of its natural bright yellow-green.”

Tsuchiya has faced a lot of controversy about the monkeys, but insisted, “99 out of 100 people like the monkeys and say they are cute. We saved their lives, and people want to dog us.”
Despite all the controversy, Tsuchiya believes his monkeys are healthy and happy. “Blue Tropics is a licensed facility and is not breaking the law.”

Anyone who wants to file a complaint against any mistreated or abandoned animals can contact The Hawaiian Humane Society at 946-2187.



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