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SIFE team spreads aloha, wins national awards
by Heather Manning, SIFE at HPU Team

Whether it was the fragrantly sweet leis, the musical affirmation, “I am the World’s Greatest,” or the wonderfully blended cultural elements of the finale, the SIFE team at HPU knew before it left for nationals that it was ready to startle a nation, and it did, bringing back three national awards and placing in the top 15 in the country.

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Last year the SIFE team at HPU won the regional competition for the first time ever, beating out its rival competitor, BYU-Hawai‘i. At the 2001 National SIFE Competition, the team placed within the top sixteen in the country and was soon dubbed the “Giant Killers.”

This year the team had to at least repeat history, if not better it — no easy task. Then in the spring, the team again earned the regional winner title, and in May prepared to make its way to the national competition in Kansas City, Missouri.

More than 3,000 students and 250 teams from around North America as well as visiting teams from Australia, Kurdistan, Brazil, and the Philippines joined in an Opening Ceremony in Kansas City filled with clowns, human statues, magicians, and fireworks.

The exciting environment continued on day two, Competition Day, but with an increase in the stress levels as the hum of people buzzing by on the way to the presentation rooms filled the convention center. Following their first round presentation, Julia Filatova said she was “thrilled and excited” about the performance and “amazed at how much of a blast this whole experience was!”
Throughout the three-day-competition, HPU SIFE team spread so much aloha spirit and good sportsmanship that it was awarded the “SIFE Spirit Award for 2002.”

The team also took home three other awards, including placement in the top 15 in the country for the Polsky Special Competition in teaching the principles of personal investing, “Most Supportive University President” and the second runner-up award in the Sensational Sixteen Round of competition.

When all was said and done, it was time to reflect. The three days had been filled with some of the most inspiring experiences, projects, and stories. Some teams worked on projects which involved teaching gang members how to be more self-sufficient; some involved empowering women in Africa to become more financially independent, and some simply gave livestock to a third-world family, thus providing them the means to a better life.

Some of the HPU SIFE projects were: “Teach a Child About Business,” “Personal Investing Seminar,” “Body Mint” (an oral supplement which eliminates body odor, created by a former HPU SIFE alumni), the First Global Sife Project (FGSP: intercommunicating all the SIFE teams around the world through a Web site,, and the Loy Weston project involving art and an entrepreneurial-themed book.

To learn more about these projects or about the opportunities SIFE has to offer, watch for our posters around campus describing some of the qualities and characteristics we are looking for in a new member as well as announcing meeting times and locations. “If you are ready to be a part of the winning team, we want you!” Visit



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