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An Evening of One Acts - comedy in small doses
by Melissa McCracken, D&T editor

Hilarious, dramatic, sad.

These are all emotions the audience experienced at HPU’s fantastic Evening of One Acts.


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Four of Joyce Maltby’s directing class students showcased their know-how by selecting their own scripts, casting their own performers, and putting together their own 15 to 30 minute one act plays.
Marisol Suarez chose Jack and Jill, a love-hate-love story. Her characters played by Mike Martinez and Sarah Tidwell respectively, really knew how to work off of each other for a dramatic performance including a part where Jack sent Jill sprawling to the floor in a heated argument. It was a bit choppy, but overall kept the audience’s attention.

The second performance in the lineup The Pickup, was directed by Scott Shaub. The best part about this one act was Shaub’s decision to cast Tony Normand who played Marty Dixon, a random victim of mistaken identity. Normand kept the audience in an uproar even when he wasn’t delivering a line because of his animated facial expressions.

This Property is Condemned was directed by Maltby. She chose a Tennessee Williams classic. It was a bit-long winded, but Claire Fallon who played Willie, a 13-year-old girl, who begins to believe expressed the naiveté of her character through everything she did.

Mike Martinez directed the fourth one act. Brenda and Jerry was about the awkwardness of a one-night stand and how a shy but wacky girl and a normal guy decide that it is okay not to wait for the first date. Martinez showed the actors Jonathan Robinson and Melissa McCracken how to improvise off of each other which made for hilarious kissing scenes.

The last play, the gem of the night, was Luke Anderson’s Hell of a Job. Anderson wrote, directed, and at the last minute, took over the role of one of the actors. A young wife took her husband to marriage counseling to uncover the truth about her husband’s job. Anderson created three-dimensional characters that made the therapy session seem so lifelike. And his cast, Casey Painter and Adam Teekell, absolutely enthralled the audience with their arguments, crying, soothing, and whining. Definitely a comedy to be remembered.

Shaub, the student producer, pulled off the whole night without a hitch. These directors have what it takes to put on a funny show. The Spring 2002 Evening of One Acts gets three out of four stars. An Evening of One Acts- comedy in small doses.



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