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Kalamalama business manager wins gold
by Rick Bernico, webmaster

Alicia Michioka, Kalamalama business manager and recent HPU graduate, won the Miss Hawai‘i USA 2003 Pageant title May 19, 2002.

After ten years of running in pageants, and after running in this very same pageant twice before, Michioka’s hard work and persistence paid off.

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Last year, HPU student Juliet Lighter won the Miss Hawai‘i USA 2002 title and Michioka was the first runner-up. The year before that, Kristy Leonard won the Miss Hawai‘i USA 2001 title and Michioka was a top five finalist. As a teen, Michioka ran for the Miss Hawai‘i Teen USA 1994 Pageant and was first runner-up.

Many mere mortals would have given up.

In an interview after her first runner-up showing in 2001, Michioka voiced her plans on future pageants. “Actually, this was my last pageant. I’m getting married this year,” Michioka said.

But with victory and the title fluttering in front of her like a tantalizing butterfly, and considering her extremely strong competitive spirit, it was no wonder she changed her plans to give it one last shot.
“I talked to Matt [her fiancé] and told him I was going to run one more time,” she said last year. “If I didn’t, it would haunt me for the rest of my life.”

A few days before the pageant, Michioka accomplished another one of her goals by graduating from HPU with a degree in advertising and journalism. The multi-talented Michioka also earned a minor in theatre and performed in a number of HPU Theatre events. “Theatre is my real passion,” she once confessed.

As her reign as Miss Hawai‘i USA begins, her reign as Kalamalama business manager ends; but her legacy could never be equaled.

The Miss Hawai‘i USA Pageant is held concurrently with Miss Hawai‘i Teen USA which was won by incoming HPU freshman Erin Madden, a 17- year-old Punahou senior.

The winners of both pageants go on to a national pageant, and the winner of the national pageant for the Miss division goes on to Miss Universe.

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