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Roller Stones editor revisits
by Jenny Lundahl, editor

Rolling Stone Magazine’s senior editor, David Frick, returned to HPU May 27 to share professional experiences with the HPU Press Club and communication faculty.

After being introduced by Communication Professor Dr. John Hart, Frick shared some of his experiences from his 15 years at the famous music publication. “I love my job—I love music and I love to write,” said Frick with a smile.

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Frick, who is tall and skinny with a hairstyle from the 70s, described his most recent assignment: to write a cover story about Ozzy Osbourne. Frick spent five hours over two days to get below the surface with Osborne and find the right angle for his article, which appeared earlier this summer.

“Osbourne is one of the sharpest people I have ever met,” said Frick. “But as he stutters and is disjointed, it was a challenge to interview him.”

When asked how difficult it is to stay objective when writing, Frick replied: “No writer is totally objective—humans are not made that way.” To exemplify the point, Frick recounted his experiences in 1982 writing a cover story about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “The first three members of the band were very cooperative and easy to interview. The guitar player, who already had a reputation of being difficult, “Had an attitude from the beginning,’” Frick said. Frick eventually cut the interview short, and when it was time to choose picture for the cover, he told the photo editor to “take out the guitarist.”

“I failed to stay objective,” said Frick, “and I regret that today.”

Concluding, Frick offered the listeners some advice about becoming a good writer. “Create a voice that people want to listen to,” he said, and “Find a way to write a story that nobody has heard before.”



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