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HPU creates College of Natural Sciences
by Kalamalama staff

To address growth in science-based fields, HPU has established a new College of Natural Sciences at the Hawai‘i Loa campus in Kane‘ohe, where all of HPU’s science-based programs are located.

The College consists of the following academic fields and programs: biology, chemistry, environmental science, environmental studies, geology, marine biology, pre-medical studies, oceanography, and physics. Previously, these programs were housed in the Arts & Sciences Division, which has been renamed College of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Andrew Brittain

Heading the new college is Dr. Andrew Brittain, who joined HPU in 1997 as associate professor of microbiology. He is the co-founder, and past president, and chief executive officer of CyberChemics, Inc., and is the recipient of a National Research Council fellowship to conduct research at Marshall Space Flight Center.

The College of Natural Sciences also houses two program chairs. Dr. Keith Korsmeyer, assistant professor of biology, was appointed to the Life Sciences Chair. He is responsible for biology and pre-medical sciences programs. Dr. Martha Sykes, associate professor of geology, was named Physical Science Chair. She oversees the chemistry, physics, and geology programs.

In addition, Dr. Christopher Winn, associate professor of oceanography, will continue as director of Marine Science, but his title has been changed to director of Marine and Environmental Science.
“The programs in the Schools of Natural Sciences have unique needs that require special focused administrative attention,” explained Chatt G. Wright, president of HPU. “These changes will strengthen HPU as a major center for education in the natural sciences.”


New databases for Library
by Kalamalama staff

HPU has joined forces and funds with other public, university, and school libraries in the state to acquire a new set of online databases that will greatly increase HPU libraries’ information offerings to students, faculty, and staff.

According to University Librarian Stephen Simpson, new online databases include full text materials from thousands of journals, newspapers, books, and reference resources. At present these are included in the online research databases that are listed in the Library Resources section under the School Services tab of Campus Pipeline.

“As long as you have computer access, you can get to these databases whenever you want to and wherever you are,” explained Joy Graham, head of reference services. “You don’t have to come to the library to use them, although if you do, you will receive the bonus of research help and expert search advice from our reference librarians,” she added.

The new databases are produced by the EBSCO Company, a major aggregator of online information. Most of the new databases are designed for academic use and contain information from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in a broad range of subject areas. Many include the full text of articles including charts, graphs, and illustrations. The major database, Academic Search Premier is billed as the largest multi-disciplinary full text database in the world.

Smaller, subject-oriented databases include Business Source Premier, ERIC, Newspaper Source, and Computer Source. The new offerings also include databases specializing in psychology, behavioral sciences, health, medicine, military matters, religion, and philosophy.

“Acquisition of the EBSCO databases through the Hawaii Library Consortium allows us to maximize our online database dollar and enables us to acquire additional databases in subject areas that need strengthening,” Simpson said.

For more information, call 544-9330.


Journalists win scholarship
by Wendy Peng, staff writer

Three journalism majors and two communication majors won Hawai‘i Association of Broadcasters scholarships, and four of them attended the HPU Honors Banquet 2002 at the Hawai‘i Prince Hotel Waikiki, April 7.

Click on image for larger view

Winning students are Baxter Cepeda, Lesley La’au, Joanne Low, Hsiao-Wei Peng, and Irene Young. All but La’au received their scholarship certificates at the banquet from the representatives of HAB, Gregg Mueller and Susii Hearst, who work at KIKU-TV, and KHON-TV (FOX) respectively.

Baxter Cepeda, Hsiao-Wei Peng, and Irene Young are journalism majors and section editors of Kalamalama. Lesley La‘au is a junior majoring in visiual communication, and Joanne Low has earned an HPU B.A. in Communication and she is pursuing her master degree.

The selection committee was composed of Dr. Helen Varner, dean of Communication, and HPU Communication faculty Dr. John Hart and Jacqueline Langley. Students were required to write an essay on assigned topics in order to compete for the limited scholarship funds offered by HAB.


Burke teacher of year
by Kalamalama staff

Reverend Dale Burke, Hawai‘i Pacific University’s chaplain and an instructor of communication, was awarded the University’s 2002 Trustees’ Award for Teaching Excellence. The announcement was made at HPU’s spring commencement ceremony on Wednesday, May 15, at the Waikiki Shell.

Click on image for larger view

The annual award is given to a faculty member, nominated by students and chosen by a committee representing the entire HPU community, who best exemplifies the ideals of distinguished teaching.

Rev. Burke is described by his students as knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring. One particular student who wrote an essay in support of Rev. Burke’s nomination was impressed with his knack for remembering former students. The student wrote: “Rev. Burke made the class my favorite class during my four years at HPU. I took his class during my first year at HPU when I still suffered from culture shock and homesickness. He changed my attitude towards HPU and life in general through his own attitude. And after four years, he still knows my name.”

Rev. Burke studied biology as an undergraduate at the University of California in Irvine, received his Masters in Divinity from the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, studied at Oxford University in England, and holds a Doctorate in Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation, Ancilla Domini College in Indiana. He has been a pastor in San Diego and in 1979 was founding pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Mililani, a position he held until becoming chaplain at HPU eight years ago.

In addition to everything he does for HPU, Rev. Burke also tirelessly serves the community in Hawai‘i. His seats on local boards include Wahiawa General Hospital and the Association for Retarded Citizens of Hawai‘i. He has been dean of the Hawai‘i Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and also a parent-coach for Special Olympics of Hawai‘i.


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