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Jason Nitschke: KGMG's newest sports reporter
by Yonie K. Espiritu, Sports editor

Jason Nitschke is one of the first two graduate students to receive a Master’s degree in Commmunication at HPU. Last summer, while he was forcasting his graduation day, he realized he needed three more credits to fulfill his graduate work so he signed up for Bob Hogue’s class in sports reporting.

That may have been all he needed because, today, Nitschke is part of KGMB’s Channel 9 sports reporting team.

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“Coming here (HPU) as a graduate student was everything I had hoped,” said Nitschke, originally from Great Falls, Montana. “ It has help me achieve what I want and has completely exceeded everything I had expected.”

As an undergraduate Nitschke majored in photojournalism. An interest that grew from his boyhood experiences in Glacier Park in Montana, taking what he still feels are some of his greatest photographs.

“My father would take me,” explained Nitschke. “He loved photography and baseball,” which may explain Nitschke’s other major interest sports.

After completing his undergraduate work at the University of Montana, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism, Nitschke went to Denver to attempt a career as a freelance photographer.

After struggling for more than over a year, he decided to continue his education. He learned that HPU had a Master’s in Communication degree and thought that he could get a master’s degree while getting some great shots of Hawai‘i. While working on his master’s degree, Nitschke used his knowledge of photography to secure a job as a film editor at the KGMB newsroom. This was a great opportunity for the novice journalist to get acquainted with all the responsibilities of a newsroom, and Nitschke used it.

“ A position opened up as a news anchor,” said Nitschke. “ I remember saying to myself, ‘I can do that’.”

Nitschke recalls that he really had no sense of what the position itself entailed, but course work, his work at HPU, and his prior photojournalism experience gave him the confidence that he needed. Knowing his colleagues before the promotion also helped him feel comfortable in his new role.
“At first I spent a lot of time reading out loud,” said Nitschke, “ but the toughest part is definitely the hardware.”

Nitschke is certain that his challenge is keeping up with the constantly changing technology. He believes that the systems upgrades will help the overall productivity of the newsroom, and understands that staying on top of those systems is key to that success.

Nitschke has enjoyed his new position and its responsibilities. He started in spring and was thrown headfirst into the life as sportscaster as the UH Warriors won their first national volleyball title.
When asked what was his favorite part of his new job, Nitschke was quick to answer: “ hanging out with heroes.”



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