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Health clubs: Get on the Path to Fitness
by Cari Aguilar, Student Life editor

What would you like to do with your spare time? Surf the turquoise waters? Hike the lush, green trails? Jog along the scenic beaches?

Many would love to get involved in the various outdoor activities that Hawai‘i offers, but lack the energy to actually do it.

You need to get in shape to really enjoy Hawai‘i, and getting in shape has other benefits. With only 30 minutes of activity, three times per week, you can beat stress, sleep better, and improve performance in class – and out. Downtown Honolulu offers a number of health clubs that can help you get in shape, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

YMCA's swimming pool.
Photo by Cari Aguilar

24 Hour Fitness
“Sixty-five percent of reaching a (fitness) goal depends on food intake,”according to Sergio Gomez, assistant general manager of 24 Hour Fitness on Bishop Street. Their 24/5 Program teaches members about proper food intake, supplementation, cardio and resistance training, all for an additional fee. The 20,000-square-foot club has free weights, Nautilus and Cybex equipment for weight training. Aerobic classes include body pump, cycling, and kickboxing. Every new member is assigned two orientation workouts with an instructor. At the first session, the member has his or her body fat, heart rate, weight, and height measured. At the second session, members are shown how to use five pieces of equipment chosen to help reach his or her goals.For best results, Gomez recommends that members see a personal trainer 2-3 times per week, which is an additional charge.

Clark Hatch
A co-ed Fitness Center located in the Amfac Center downtown, it caters to the busy professional. This club has a weight room, aerobic classes, cardio equipment, a pool, a racquetball court, and massage services. There are free weights, Keiser and Cybex equipment for weight training. The “Cardio Theater” supplies television and radio entertainment to motivate exercisers. Rowers, treadmills, and cross trainers are among the cardio equipment available. All members begin with a medical history review and fitness assessment.

“We don’t want to show off in the gym, we want to show off outside the gym,” said Erika Bush, manager of Curves on Bishop Street. This simple, one-room club for women rates convenience high on its list of priorities. The 30-minute circuit training workout combines cardiovascular and strength training, which is broken down into 30-second intervals. Hydraulic Quick-Fit equipment is used for the weight training portion, and the aerobic portion is performed using “jogging squares,” flat pieces of wood to run on in place. To ensure proper form, staff members go through the entire first workout with new members. Members can track their attendance by scanning their membership cards into a computer on each visit. A member’s personal record of measurements is also displayed onscreen as a motivational tool.

Gold’s Gym
“If you are looking for a real serious environment, come to Gold’s,” said Eddie Im, fitness consultant at Gold’s Gym on South Street. This 23,000-square-foot facility has an extensive strength training area featuring free weights and equipment such as Icarian, Hammer Strength, and Paramount. There are approximately 100 pieces of cardio equipment, and aerobic classes that include yoga, Pilates mat, and dance. All new members are toured through the club, but if you want someone to walk you through a workout, you must hire a trainer. For additional charges, triathlon training camps, personal training sessions, and Kung Fu- based classes are available.

The YWCA on Richards Street is a co-ed, family-friendly facility. It recently spent $1.5 million in renovations, but memberships remain very affordable. Student members have access to the pool, the gymnasium, the fitness club, and more than 52 aerobic classes per week for less than a $1 per day. For an additional fee, classes such as ceramics and hula are available.

The Nuuanu YMCA on the Pali Highway has two aerobic studios, a gymnasium, a pool, and a wide variety of cardio equipment, and a weight room featuring Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, and Cybex equipment. Membership includes fitness appraisals, racquetball lessons, speed bag lessons, and basketball games. Team rates are offered to college athletic teams, especially those in the HPU athletic dept.


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