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Military Corner: EMSIS at Hickam AFB
by Kalamalama staff

HPU inaugurates a cutting-edge graduate degree program this fall for military and civilian personnel from all branches of government. Called the Executive Master of Science in Information Systems (EMSIS), this fast-paced, 20-month degree program, offered exclusively at Hickam Air Force Base, focuses on advanced technology and leadership concepts.

The EMSIS program is the first executive program offered on HPU’s Military Campuses to meet the needs of military and civilian personnel, family members, and veterans who are seeking an advanced education in the shortest time possible. Classes are held Thursday nights from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon. The program will run continuously from October 3 through March 2004.

The EMSIS will prepare students for future careers and senior leadership positions in government, the military services, or the private sector. The curriculum will focus on the effective use of technology in modern organizations, with special emphasis placed on telecommunications, software engineering, project management, security, and strategic planning.

“This is an exciting opportunity for military and civilian professionals to take advantage of one of the most advanced technological degrees we offer at HPU,” said George Moyer, dean of HPU’s Military Campus programs.

To provide students the latest in technology applications, HPU has upgraded one of its classrooms at Hickam with powerful new Dell computers, equipped with flat screen panels and sophisticated hardware and software purchased specifically for the Executive MSIS program.

The demands of government, the military, and the business world are changing so rapidly due to the explosion of information technology that it is imperative for professionals to keep pace, said Larry Zimmerman, dean of Professionals Studies at HPU. “The need for professionals in any field to become well educated in the technology area will be essential as computers and information systems continue to play a large role in businesses today,” said Zimmerman. “From health care to government, to military, to business, there are tremendous applications for information technology today.”

For nearly 37 years, HPU has strived to offer highly practical programs that address the educational needs of the military community. The Executive MSIS at Hickam Air Force Base is one of many educational opportunities available through the Military Campus programs, which offers 10-week accelerated terms year-round. Hickam AFB is one of seven military campuses offering HPU classes throughout O‘ahu. Each office provides full-service academic advising and enrollment assistance.

The HPU Military Campus programs currently service more than 2,500 students and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2000 Ray Ehrensberger College of the Year Award for military excellence in Hawai‘i

For registration information call the HPU Graduate Admissions Office at 544-0278 or go online at



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