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Club Carnival involves students
by Kalamalama staff

With anticipation for the new fall semester running high, the 2002 Club Carnival was a window of opportunity for HPU students who wanted more from their education than just the classroom experience and they took advantage of it.

A sea of students from around the world surged back and forth on Fort Street that Friday the 13th, against a background of great weather and festive music.

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Enthusiastic volunteers at dozens of booths stood ready to inform classmates and recruit members, and the question of the day was, “Where do I go first?”There’s a club for almost everyone at HPU, and students can join them to enlarge their studies, advance their careers, have fun, or all three. Some meet once a week, others once a month, and they are all good for networking, contributing to the community, making friends, and enhancing skills. Also, they are free!

Students looking to take part in student government could get information about ASHPU, Associated Students at HPU. Most members are elected in the spring, but some positions are filled in the fall, and students can attend meetings, make suggestions, and volunteer to assist with projects. According to ASHPU Representative Anastasia Finnegan, ASHPU “plans all the events or parties for the students.We also deal with student concerns and community service and help out at the sports events.” If you are a student who desires to make a difference in the school, this is the organization for you.

Few clubs have prerequisites for members, and most are open to anyone who is an HPU student. This is true even of the many ethnic clubs represented at the Club Carnival, which is appropriate, given the cultural diversity of the HPU student body. Gerardo Vazquez of the Latinos Unidos Club said, “You don’t have to be Latino to be a part of the group. We take in all people, all ethnic groups.” The Latino Unidos Club started off with only seven members; now it has 107. “For us,” Vazquez added, “that is an impressive feat.”

Other clubs cater to individuals who love the great outdoors or have a passion for sports. Lolan Lauvao of the Rugby Club said: “Our goal is to try to make rugby a sport here at HPU, to get people to have fun. There are a lot of international students who love the game of rugby,” he added. The Rugby Club is not limited to men, and it currently has a women’s team. Students do not seem concerned that they lack the necessary skills to join: The club signed up two pages of students who said they didn’t know how to play. They have a professional coach, practice three times a week at the Hawai‘i Loa campus, and play games on Saturdays.

If you love the ocean, members of the Diving Club spent much of their Club Carnival time explaining that in addition to helping members get certified, they schedule frequent reef checks and beach clean ups.

Love to write? Students who join the Creative Writing Club can get their work published in the HPU literary magazine. The goal of the club is to encourage students to write in a nonthreatening environment.

Serving the community, making a difference, and contributing to the lives of other people are some of the most rewarding things someone can take time to do. At least that’s what the folks in the Social Work and Human Services Student Organization believe. According to Marcus Gannon, who was helping at the club’s booth, “The Social Work Club is a group of students at HPU . . . who are interested in learning more about community issues, taking action on community issues, and learning more about methods and theories of social work and human services.”

Being a member of different clubs here on campus enables students to branch out and learn more about life than just what is covered in courses in their fields of study. In addition, club membership looks fabulous on a resume and promotes personal growth.

These few are just the tip of the club iceberg at HPU. There are lots more. For more information about the club of your choice, or even how start a club of your own, contact the Office of Student Life at 544-0277 or e-mail

If the number of students who got involved and signed up for some of the clubs that recruited on the Mall last Friday the 13th is any indication, Club Carnival 2002 was definitely a success.



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