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HPU Computer Center charges for printing
By Wndy Peng, assoc. News editor

Effective Sep. 3, the downtown campus Computer Center and the Learning Assistance Center, and the Hawai‘i Loa Educational Technology Center introduced a printing fee. Students have to purchase a debit card in order to print out materials from computers.

Anticipating that the new fees will engender complaints from students, the HPU information technology services posted an announcement titled “Frequently Asked Questions-Print Express” on Campus Pipeline (From log in go to “personal announcements” and click on “Print Express”).

According to the announcement, the school decided to impose the new regulation for two main reasons: 1.There is evidence that students have made illegal copies of books downloaded from the Internet, which is an infringement of U.S. copyright laws. This puts HPU in legal jeopardy. 2.HPU has received many student complaints that other students are sending an excessive number of pages to printers, causing a huge backlog of users who have to wait an unreasonable length of time for their own print jobs.

Jeff DeVilbiss, a senior computer science major who has been working at the downtown Computer Center for two years, said that “Up to 5,000 sheets of paper were printed by students every day in the past semesters.” He added that lots of it was never picked up.

According to new print accountability and policy for fall 2002, students must buy a Print Express card for $5.00 with $3.00 worth from the Computer Center or the HPU bookstore. Students will be charged for $0.05 per page, while color print jobs are $0.35 per page.

“I can understand why the school is doing this,” said Yean Yin, a sophomore advertising major from Malaysia, “but it’s not reasonable because we’re paying a high tuition—$4,925 a semester.”

“The school can probably take another alternative, like establishing limited sheets of paper that a student can be allowed to print for a semester,” said Jessica Ma, an international business major and also a frequent user of the Computer Center. “I think that’ll be more convenient, and students will be more willing to accept the new change.”

DeVilbiss explained that to collaborate with the new charging rule, there is a corresponding printer designated for each computer room with rules posted next to them.



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