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Graduate students can register online
by Cari Aguilar, Student Life editor

As of Nov. 1, HPU’s graduate students will be able to register and pay online for winter 2002 and spring 2003 courses. Both in-person and Web registration for winter 2002 will end on Dec. 2.

“Web Register is a pilot project, and we are starting with the graduates because they are a smaller population,” said Harry Byerly, associate vice president and director of the Center for Graduate Studies. “There is so much work involved that we will take it in stages and roll it out slowly for the undergrads,” Byerly added.

In mid-September, the CGS will send e-mails via Campus Pipeline to all graduate students publicizing the impending Web registration period. On Oct. 1, the CGS will follow up with registration bulletins and additional e-mails. From Oct. 7 to Oct. 31, the pre-registration deposit period, students that wish to discuss their degree plans and course selection for the winter and spring semesters will be invited to visit their graduate advisors.

The early Web registration period is Nov. 1 to Nov. 6, a head start on the in-person registration period, to encourage students to log on rather than wait until Nov. 7 to register.

Byerly said that registration for 1,250 graduate students can be a time-consuming procedure and Web registration will help speed up the process. This will allow advisors to spend more time with students who have questions or concerns, and it will offer convenience and flexibility to the students.

“We want to encourage early Web registration,” said Byerly. Students who take advantage of Web registration will have first choice of courses and class schedules because in-person registration starts a week later. Students who register online will not have to pay deposits for the winter term, but in-person registration will require a $500 deposit. Also, Web registration allows students to add or drop classes during the registration period for free instead of the usual $15 fee/course.

Students who normally pay a $500 deposit to register for courses must do so by Oct. 31 in order qualify for early Web registration, while students receiving financial aid or scholarships are automatically authorized to Web register. For all students, however, any outstanding account balances must be paid in order for them to use this online service. Students who are authorized to Web register after Oct. 31 will be notified by e-mail during the entire Web registration period. The e-mails will contain links to the registration pages on Campus Pipeline, which will be located under the Student Services tab.

There are other registration changes in store for graduates this winter. “Registration will be based on the number of credits the student has earned by Oct.1, 2002,” Byerly explained. Students will only be allowed to register online or in-person starting on their assigned date. “Students felt that the alpha order (to register) was unfair. We want to accommodate their requests,” said Byerly.

For more information aout winter and spring registration, call the Center for Graduate Studies at 544-0279 or e-mail



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