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15 Ways to stay healthy
by Cindy Wendt, Science & Environment editor

Every year college freshman risk gaining the “Freshman 15.” This problem contributes to the 62 percent of Americans who are currently overweight, said Julian Kesner, director of Public Relations for Nutricise. “Rigorous studying schedules mean long days and nights of inactivity...fueled by sugary, caffeinated drinks, snacks, and dorm-wide pizza runs,” she continued. “On top of all that, bland college cafeteria food begs for butter, salt, and sour cream.” Staying healthy requires proper diet and exercise, not an Olympic training regime. Try some of these tips from the New York Times Bestseller Sugar Busters!

1. Go easy on the rice. Steamed white rice may appear healthy, but it contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, which eventually turns into fat.

2. Do 20 push-ups and sit-ups each night. Increase the number by five each week.

3. Avoid excessive alcohol. Beer is loaded with sugar. Doctors recommend red wine in modest amounts.

4. Go hiking with a friend on the weekends rather than simply tanning on the beach. Check your local bookstore for guides to many of Hawai‘i’s great hiking spots.

5. Wear a lot of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

6. Do not use late night studying as an excuse to eat junk food. The body’s metabolism generally slows down after 9 p.m., so food eaten late generally turns to fat.

7. Go for a run, brisk walk, or bike ride for a 30 minute study break.

8. If you eat pizza, order it with thin crust and a lot of vegetables.

9. Walk up the stairs to classes.

10. Incorporate some protein in each meal--eggs, meat, dairy foods, natural peanut butter, even kidney beans.

11. Try studying at the gym. Bring a book to read on the exercise bike or Stairmaster.

12. Eat fresh fruit for dessert and snacks rather than chips or ice cream.

13. Drink at least eight glasses of pure water each day. Carry a water bottle to class to say hydrated.

14. Drinking low calorie carbonated water or citrus juice such as Fresca instead of Coke and Mountain Dew can reduce calorie intake by 200 calories a day or more.

15. If you must snack while watching a movie or studying, a little popcorn is okay. Just go very easy on the butter and salt. Eat popcorn not cooked in oil. For more detail on maintaining a proper diet, read Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar To Trim Fat. For developing a proper exercise regime, talk to a fitness expert at your local gym. Cindy Wendt is studying to be a personal trainer.



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