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HPU Campus Pipeline upgraded
by April Tashiro, staff writer

The fourth version of HPU Campus Pipeline came out August 12, with a fresh new look and many useful features that make busy students’ lives much easier.

As the main change, the log-in page design has been updated from a complicated and conservative layout to a well-organized simplicity with new, bright colors. Navigation is much easier than in the previous version, with all links listed on the top right of the page. For users not familiar with Pipeline, there is also a help tag on the same page, including a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) button and how to get your username and password.

The new features include stronger content on news and events, announcements specified to each user, and a campus issue vote feature. Communication between Campus Pipeline members is smoother in the new version. Now it has a group function, the function that allows the users to form an interest group. Any member can create one, and it doesn’t necessary have to be academic.

One of the biggest improvements in the new version is the classified ad feature. eAds is a user-friendly online classified section that allows users to buy, sell, and trade various merchandise, from textbooks to cars. It also has a lost & found section, along with rentals. This new version allows users to upload a picture of goods for sale, up to 30 K. Length of an ad is also increased to 250 characters. In addition, its search engine is upgraded, making the search more flexible. This new eAds has become one of the main features in the new Pipeline, listed in the top tags of the Pipeline page.

The project creating the new HPU Campus Pipeline started several months ago, according to Jean Harr, one of the Information Technology Services specialists responsible for adapting Campus Pipeline for HPU. In order to answer the users’ growing needs, ITS formed a committee to create a Campus Pipeline that especially suits HPU. This time, along with the staff, the students in the focus groups were asked for input on Pipeline. Harr says this fourth version of Pipeline is a result of trying to implement HPU users’ suggestions.

In fact, the look of the new Campus Pipeline log-in page came from a suggestion in a focus group. The committee found out that the students wanted a “more colorful, eye-catching, and fun” Pipeline, Harr says.

Freshman Haunani Louis says she is not expert with Pipeline just yet, but she has already started to use it to check her course schedule and personal information. According to Harr, for the students, grades, course schedules, and financial aid information are the most-used features of the Pipeline.

Communication major Kevin Clarke uses the Pipeline for mainly e-mail, and he logs into Pipeline once a week. He also uses it as an information source. As a sophomore, he has been using the Pipeline for a while, and he says he prefers the new version of Pipeline to the previous one; “It gives me better options.”

ITS Specialist Harr advises students to check the Pipeline everyday, to get up-to-date information and important campus announcements made on the site. “Get up, and when you brush your teeth, remember to go to the Campus Pipeline. It’s all there.”



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