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Power breakfast kick-off
by Jaclynn Fasken, Business manager
Representatives of 32 HPU clubs gathered Oct. 16 at the Plaza Club for the first fall 2002 Power Breakfast. Sponsored by Student Life, the event featured introductions of officers, announcements of coming events, and discussions of plans for 2002-03.


Heather Hubbard

Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life, announced that ten new clubs are interested in becoming RIO clubs and a new RIO handbook is nearly ready for distribution. Hubbard also suggested that students stop by Student Life, located on the ground floor of the MP building, to check out the deals offered by local restaurants. Papa Johns, the popular pizza place, is offering a 30 percent discount with a valid HPU ID.

Melissa Olsen, representing the Honolulu Symphony, informed students about a four-mile Symphony Fun Run through Kahala. Several bands will be playing along the fundraising route to entertain participants and observers. Olsen encouraged clubs and groups to organize teams to participate in the event.

The HPU hiking club, will sponsor hikes for 5 to 25 people to various spots on the island every second Sunday.

The Wakeboarding Club reported that it has fixed its broken board, so wakeboarding will resume and everyone is invited to join the fun, which includes bumper tubing but not waterskiing which, according to wakeboarders, “is a dying sport.”

The Alakai Jaycees is sponsoring World Exploration 2002, Nov. 17 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Ala Moana Center Stage. The multicultural dance event is organized to awaken local and visitor awareness of different cultures through performances by HPU students.

The Computing Club announced free assistance to HPU students having trouble with their home computers. The club will give free diagnosis and, if possible, fix the computers. HPU students should bring their computers to the Kukui Plaza Building, classroom 3.

ASHPU has a very exciting year planned. Instead of just one Halloween event, it is dedicating an entire week to the spooky holiday. Events for “Freak Week” are posted under October in the master calendar. The Swedish Student Organization will be holding it’s annual formal Scandinavian Christmas party. Tickets will be sold on Fort Street Mall closer to the event.

Reverend Burke brought to everyone’s attention the fact that the food pantry in getting low. Burke said, “We want to make sure none of our students go hungry.” Any students, group or club who would like to contribute food can do so at his office in the UB building, suite 1506.

For more information on any of the HPU clubs, call Student Life at 544-0277.


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