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Fall 2002 Presiden's Hosts inducted at Waialea Country Club

by Jaclynn Fasken, Business Manager

President Chatt G. Wright inducted 44 students as new Presidents Hosts on Oct. 2, marking the 20th anniversary for the organization that he started in 1982. The newly selected students were enthusiastically honored with a reception at the Waialae Country Club.
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Created 20 years ago to recognize students who excel in both academics and student life and who are articulate and comfortable in social settings, President’s Host began with 14 students and now has 550 members proudly representing HPU worldwide.

President’s Hosts help out at graduations, banquets, school luncheons, student orientations, and other HPU functions. The new hosts for fall 2002 are:


Adams, Danielle Georgia
Bourim, Ilya Russia
Dennis “Virgil” Henry Hawai‘i
Fasken, Jaclynn Canada
Fennell, Stacy Hawai‘i
Garbelotti, Susy Brazil
Gebremeskel, Alex India
Goh, Cheryl Singapore
Grkov, Aleksander Macedonia
Haisen, Leanna Hawai‘i
Hallberg, Amanda Nebraska
Harnik, Danielle Hawai‘i
Harris, Emily New Zealand
Hickey, Stephanie California
Kavalipurapu, Seshu India
Kbait, Najat Morocco
Lauvao, Lolan Hawai‘i
Mazanares, Dan Hawai‘i
McKernan, Joss Texas
Nolte, Carmen Germany
Oliver, Jill California
Olson, Charles Iowa
Osborne, Emily Texas
Parent, Tatiana Boston
Patel, Anilkumar England
Payton, Tanisha California
Posca, Nicolasa California
Reynolds, Joey New Hampshire
Sivadason, Monisha Malaysia
Sourinno, John Tennessee
Stone, Amber Hawai‘i
Taylor, Adam Minnesota
Thourot, Stacy Hawai‘i
Tuitele, Nia Hawai‘i
Vaughn, Ruth Hawai‘i
Venson, Victor Sweden
Waitley, Julie California
Walters, Nicholas California
Watts, Miyuki Japan
Woods, Tejon South Carolina
Yeo, Sara Malaysia
Young, Stephanie Washington




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