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Bush's war ignores U.N.

Opinion by Reenie Young


On the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, HPU’s faculty and multicultural students came together in unity at the downtown campus. Despite many differences in culture, appearance, and dress, the dominant theme on that day was living in peace with one another. HPU has set a good example of how our nation should behave.

Similar to HPU’s diverse students are the different ethnicities within the United Nations. But unlike our school, harmony and peace have not been on the agenda these past U.N. meetings, thanks to President Bush and his persistent demands to wage a war with Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein.


Bush’s eagerness to disarm Hussein comes at an uneasy time for America, as our economy is unstable, our jobs are in jeopardy, and war is already on our minds. “We will get Osama Bin Laden,” said Bush to the American people one year ago. No one has yet caught Bin Laden. Therefore, how can Bush insist we fight another war; we have yet to finish the first one?

One theory to the answer might lie beneath the on-again, off-again, and on-again relationship between Bush and Hussein. It’s been nearly 12 years since U.N. inspectors were on Iraq’s soil, after being forcefully asked to leave by Hussein. The years between 1991-1998 were years of frustration for the inspectors, after numerous attempts to inspect sites in Iraq were denied by Hussein. Some of those off-limit locations were Hussein’s palaces, which were believed to hold weapons of mass destruction underground.

Ironically, Bush senior was president of the United States during the 1990 Gulf War against Hussein. Bush senior promised the American people, “Hussein would be caught.” Like father, like son.

Now, junior wants to finish the war with Hussein that his father started. He actually has good reasons, but are they sufficient? Hussein’s treatment of his own people has been brutal: he kills them with gunfire and chemical weapons. Fox News aired that the CIA has proof that “Iraq’s links to Al-Qaeda (the terrorist group) go back 10 years.” Iraq has violated the cease-fire agreement and has continued to fire at U.S. and British aircrafts.

A recent letter by Hussein said he would now allow the U.N. inspectors back into Iraq to check some locations. Bush responded by saying he does not believe Hussein, who should not be trusted.

Britain’s leader, Prime Minister Tony Blair is the only country in the U.N. fully supporting Bush’s urgency to start a war with Iraq. Other countries have said they need more proof against Hussein before making a decision to support the United States.

Ultimately, the final decision for America’s war with Iraq will come from the U.S. Congress. On Oct. 10, 2002, The House of Representatives voted in favor of a new war, 296 to 133 votes, despite majority U.N disapproval. A day later, the Senate confirmed Bush’s request for a freehand to wage a new war.


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