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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

Every student at HPU knows a thing or two about writing papers: coming up with an idea, sketching an outline, and generating the first draft. It’s been said that the art of writing is rewriting, which is to say that simply completing a draft doesn’t mean the paper is done. Revisions can always lead to improvement. This is true not just for writing, but also for business: who hasn’t heard the promise “New and Improved”?

What few students realize is that their professors are actively engaged in a kind of revision, too. Academic program review is intended to improve the majors offered at HPU. Although it’s something that happens behind the scenes, program review is one of the ways faculty ensure that students have access to academic programs of excellence.

Most of the time, these reviews lead to some fine-tuning of the major. But occasionally, changes are significant and students need to know what’s new. Last year, for instance, program reviews brought about important and exciting changes to three majors in the College of Liberal Arts.

· Humanities has a new focus and a new name: East-West Classical Studies. Students in the new major will explore the golden ages of the ancient East (China and Japan) and the ancient West (Greece and Rome), looking at the literature, arts, theatre, philosophies, and religions that emerged from these periods of pre-modern cultural creativity.

· The literature major is now the English major, which offers students more global content in their major requirements and more choices as they fulfill requirements. The revised major consists of four core concepts: texts in history, texts and culture, textual theories, and textual practices. The flexibility of this major means students can study Shakespeare, modern Chinese writers, Hawai‘i writers, literary theory, and scriptwriting all in the same degree program.

· Psychology has revised its curriculum to reflect national trends for programs in psychology. Students will take an introductory course that exposes them to a core of subject matter that’s central to the discipline. After that, students will move on to advanced courses that provide greater depth. Such a focus will help to prepare students for graduate programs and entry-level positions in the human services and mental health fields.

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