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Chaplain Lane motorcycles towed

by Jaclynn Fasken, Business manager


Some HPU students learned, on Oct. 4, how expensive it can be to park illegally as four motorcycles were towed from Chaplain Lane, between the Blaisdell Hotel and the FS building. Since then at least three more motorists have suffered the same consequences.

Students maybe confused by the sign in front of the bike racks stating, “Bike Parking,” but according to HPD officers J.Park and D.Miyashiro, that sign refers only to vehicles with a sticker license such as bicycles and mopeds. The Chaplain Lane sign stating “No Parking” refers to vehicles with hard license plates such as motorcycles and cars.

Click on image for larger view

HPD Officer Park says there is no parking of vehicles with hard license plates on Chaplain Lane because “It is considered a fire lane.” He also said, “first a citation is issued, and if the driver doesn’t come within 5 to 10 minutes, then we will tow it.”

Illegally parking on Chaplain Lane can be expensive. The fine is $45 if paid within the first 15 days. After that it increases to $70.

If the vehicles are towed, the owner can plan on another large hole in their wallet: $65 plus an additional charge of $6.50 for each mile the tow truck drives.

The HPD officers suggested metered parking on the streets, and reminded students that three motorcycles can fit into one stall.

HPD Officers will be monitoring Chaplain Lane for the next two weeks and sporadically thereafter.

HPD Officer Park said, “We feel for the students, knowing there’s not a lot of parking around here, but we still have to enforce the law.”



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