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Computer club provides free services

by Karen N. Mirikitani, staff writer


Networking and repairing computers has become easier. The Computer Club at HPU began offering these services to the HPU community Sept. 21. The club has seven CIS or MSIS majors all searching for computers to repair, and they will do it for free.

The group also offers other services and has other activities such as gaming, and Web site development. During club carnival, according to club president Alexander Gebremeskel, the group signed up 100 new members from various majors on campus.

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“We love computers,” said Gebremeskel, an MSIS student from from Ethiopia who earned his undergraduate degree from HPU. “The club gives me a great opportunity to learn more than what’s in the textbooks and apply what I have learned to realistic situations,” he added.

Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Odewale, an MSIS student from Nigeria, expressed similar interest and sentiments.

“Networking is just the beginning,” said Ilya Bourim, a CIS major from Russia, who conducts a networking class for club members and others who are interested. “This class and other projects we do are our way of expressing our gratitude to the HPU community,” he said.

“Ilya really clarified the terms (i.e. LINX, UNIX, etc.) so you know exactly what’s going on,” said Selawe Tau, a new member and a CIS/TIM major from Botswana.

The main project for the club this year is preparing for competition in robotics next year. “Team work is essential to getting the robot to work,” said Jadranko Brkic from Bosnia, an MSIS major and president of the club. “Everyday we work on pieces of the robot and every member contributes to it by their own expertise.”

Brkic believes the club stands a good chance in the regional competition here in Hawai‘i and dreams of going to the nationals, to be held in California. “The club has tried to raise funds for the competition, but we still need everyone’s support. We missed the deadline last year, and it was a disappointment,” continued Brkic. “Anyone who is interested in assisting us to build our financial base is always welcome to join us anytime.”

“I’m learning a lot by watching what the club members are doing,” said Alex Grkov, a CIS major from Macedonia. “This year being new to the club, I have a lot of respect for the club members. They inspire me to learn as much as I can in my classwork.” The goal this year for the computer club is making computers more user friendly. “Everyone can operate a computer and know how to use the programs,” said Al Zimmerman, faculty advisor to the club.

“What’s great about the club is that we move forward from the classroom to the worksite to apply and practice what they learn.”

“The club meets Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in one of the KK classrooms,” said Zimmerman. “Everyone is welcome.” For more inforamtion contact Student Life.


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