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Hawaii's Monday Night Football
sports bar round up #3

by Katie Pebely, People & Places editor


The 2002 - 2003 football season is well under way, but there’s still plenty of time to check out a few Monday Night Football games. This issue, we’re going to take a look at our final four sports bars on the island, Magoo’s, Bedroq, Legends, and All Star Hawai‘i. The Monday night game time is now live at 4 p.m., as daylight savings ended Oct. 27.

These bars offer cheap food, a variety of beer specials, more television screens than Circuit City, and of course, Melissa Stark, the beloved ABC sports announcer. And ladies, if beer and football don’t interest you, I’m sure the 10-1 guy to girl ratio will. Just scream when everyone else does, and you’ll fit right in.


With more than 120 beers on tap, Magoo’s at Pucks Alley on University Avenue is Mecca for beer lovers. Monday Night Football brings in a crowd, and there are more than 100 tables to accommodate them. Magoo’s Monday Night Football is sponsored by Coors Light, so chances are you’ll score a t-shirt, key chain, or better yet, a pitcher. Magoo’s also serves Coors Light by the mug for eighty cents! throughout the entire game. $.80! That’s even cheaper than buying it at the store.

Let’s talk about pitchers. All 120 selections are only $5 - $7. Mugs of each are $1.25, so feel free to try them all! The football game is shown on eight televisions throughout the bar, with opposing fans sitting on opposite sides. Magoo’s pizza is really tasty…or maybe that’s the beer talking. Either way, the baby pizza starts off at $5.50 and the giant is $18. If you’ve never been to Magoo’s, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Just a heads up though: don’t even think of using a fake I.D. These people will snag it in a second. But if you’re 21, check this place out. You can even buy your friends a round without emptying your wallet.

Right across the street from Magoos is Bedroq Bar and Grill. Both of these bars are hangouts for UH students, so get ready to mingle with a whole new exciting crowd. Bedroq also draws in a decent number of people for the game, though not as many as Magoo’s. The main incentive for Bedroq is pool tables and darts upstairs for those who are bored with the game. Beer prices are cheap here as well, with $4 pitchers of most domestics. Pupus are all half-price through the entire game. There’s a constant stream of people walking (actually stumbling) back and forth between Magoo’s and Bedroq, so if you check out one, make sure to stop by the other.


Located in Waikiki on Nahua Street (off Kuhio) is Legends, a legend with HPU international students. People have been coming here for years to watch sports games. Monday Night Football is shown on about half of their 10 televisions, depending on what else is going on. Kim May, Legends manager and HPU student, explained: “We show lots of soccer, rugby, and other European sports, so come by and check us out even if you hate football.” Although the bar doesn’t sell food, you’re allowed to bring in your own. “People bring in pizzas and stuff all the time,” May said.

There are a number of eateries adjacent to the bar. Legends offers $2 mai tai’s throughout the game, but no specials on beer. The bar is small in comparison with Magoo’s and Bedroq, but it is a nice place to check out the game if you’re in the Waikiki area and are looking for the smaller scene. Legends does not have parking, so be prepared to walk a few blocks.

The biggest and baddest sports bar on the island is without a doubt, All Star Hawai‘i. With 17 huge screen TVs and 15 smaller ones, you can’t escape the sound and excitement of the game. Even in the bathrooms, the game is being blared over the intercom full-blast.

All Star Hawai ‘i is the loudest of the 12 bars I’ve visited and has the most sports-enthused crowd. The atmosphere is classy yet fun, and pieces of sports memorabilia are displayed throughout the restaurant. Hard Rock Café specializes in musicians, Planet Hollywood specializes in movie lovers, and All Star Hawaii specializes in sports. Lots and lots of sports.

Photos by Katie Pebley and Jayme Haitsuka
Coors and Coors Light are on special throughout the game for $2, and Sam Adams and Killians Red are $2.50. And I’m not talking about beer mugs that are more glass than beer; I’m talking pints. There are a total of 16 beers on tap, the most expensive being $4 a pint. If you’re looking for a foo-foo drink, mai tai’s are on special for $3.50 (a little more pricey than Legends). The drink specials might change throughout the football season, but there’s always something reasonable, guaranteed. The food at All Star Hawaii is awesome, according to regular customers, and the portions are huge. Most popular are the nachos for $7.75 and the full order of chicken wings for $10. All Star Hawai‘i is located on Kalakaua Avenue next to Nike Town.


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