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Let's Talk Story

by Teenie Young, Opinion editor


Have you even seen the Shop By TV While Your Sitting At Home Show? (Not its real name.) And have you ever been suckered into buying that stuff? And after you received the product, did you want to write the company a letter telling them what to do with their faulty product? Well I did, and here’s what I said…

To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I were watching your show, and he decided to buy me the PALM IIIC kit as a gift. I was so excited when the package arrived; however, I was disappointed to find that the PALM IIIC and accessories were defective. I am sending these items back and demand a prompt refund.

Click on image for larger view

The holder that the palm sits in to charge came with the wrong cord. When I took the palm to both Comp USA and Office Max, they said the Palm IIIC is an older model and they don’t carry it anymore. Neither Comp USA nor Office Max carried the cord because it too, was discontinued.

On your show, I remember the host said that the PALM IIIC was worth about $300; however, I was angry to find out from Comp USA that it is only worth $79. I feel cheated and ripped off !

Another problem with the PALM IIIC is that the Internet hookup on the Palm does not work because we don’t have this service yet in Hawai‘i. Your company should be more informed about the product you sell, and should tell customers that certain features do not work in some areas.

I will never buy anything from your company again. I demand a full refund immediately for $281. Because of your negligence, I should not have to pay your 10 percent restocking fee. I would suggest, however, that you send this old, discontinued merchandise back to the Palm factory to dismember and use for parts.

It has been two weeks since I sent the letter to the Shop By TV While Your Sitting At Home Show. If you have anything you want to talk about that concerns you, drop us an e-mail at . No attachments please. Kalamalama has the right to edit.




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