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Jaycees present intercultural revue

by Tina Bentkowski, staff writer


The Alakai Jaycees at HPU will present World Exploration 2002 at the Ala Moana Centerstage Nov. 17. The popular celebration of Pacific Rim dance and culture has thrilled onlookers for the past several years with an exciting yet educational showcase of Asian performance art, culture, and costume.

Tony Chung, Alakai Jaycees vice president for international development, is a new chair for the event this year. “This has taught me how to be a good chairman,” he admits, mentioning all the preparation involved, defining goals, developing public relations and financing, and coordinating performances.

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In its fourth year, which makes the event a tradition, “World Exploration 2002 is the most significant project in our club,” said Chung. “It is organized so that people obtain more awareness about different cultures,” and it attracts an audience of 300 to 400 spectators each year.

Students and clubs at HPU are encouraged to take part in the show every year. “With students from 60 countries, HPU is a large, diverse group,” Chung said. The Ala Moana event is “a good opportunity for us to contribute the strength of our diversity and promote cultural awareness amongst the community.”

The Indian Club made its debut at last year’s event, and this year members will share their culture through their dance, Chung said. “The dance shows their lives; working, farming, and entertaining.”

The Thai Association will again participate in the event, according to Chung, and the members will perform a traditional dance, Seung Pong Lang, that represents nature.

Performing for their second year with World Exploration 2002, the Hawaiian Hula Association will grace the stage with both traditional Hawaiian kahiko and modern hula auana dances, Chung added.

“The Jaycees build leadership through different projects,” Chung said. “There are five development areas: management, career, community service, individual, and international. World Exploration 2002 falls within the International development.”

The event will celebrate and promote the rich cultural diversity of HPU and enlarge everyone’s awareness, appreciation, and understanding of other cultures, Chung added.



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