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Press Club helps put Public Radio over top

by Jaclunn Fasken, business manager


The Press Club at HPU got a rare opportunity Oct. 23 to help bring Hawai‘i Public Radio’s fall “Celebration 2002” pledge drive to an end—two days early.

Press Club members arrived at KHPR, on Kaheka Street across from Daiei, at 3:45 p.m. for instructions. At 4 p.m they began taking telephone pledges, and they were still doing so, enthusiastically, according to Allen Artiss, a Kalamalama staff writer, at 6:29, almost half an hour after their shift was offically over.

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The phones had been ringing off the hook with pledges as, after only eight days of the fund drive, “Celebration 2002” neared its goal of $395,000.

Suddenly champagne corks were popping and people were cheering as General Manager Michael Titterton announced that the goal had been reached. KHPR had generated $398,143 in revenue from 3,045 loyal listeners and supporters.

“Being at the pledge drive was like being at the last leg of a marathon, because we had only $15,000 left to go when we arrived,” said Yonie Espiritu, press club treasurer and associate editor for Kalamalama.

Espiritu was the lucky volunteer to take the last pledge. “A woman wanted to donate the last $1,000, so I had to spend a few minutes stalling her before I could take her pledge. Halfway through my writing down her pledge information, the celebrations began,” she said.

Hawai‘i Public Radio (HPR) can be heard on O‘ahu at KHPR 88.1 and KIPO 89.3. The organization’s mission statement is to “educate, inform, and entertain by providing services to Hawai‘i, the nation, and the international community that would not otherwise be available.” The stations are completely supported by their listeners and offer a wide range of music and talk radio without any commercial interruptions.

HPR always is looking for new members and offers a basic one-year membership for $50. This includes a year’s subscription to Honolulu magazine and a 13-week subscription to Pacific Business News.

To find out more about Hawai‘i Pubic Radio, including programming, visit



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