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HPU video wins "Best Short Film"

by Mohammed Faisal, staff writer


“Best short film is . . .‘Kaho’olawe’!”
The Honolulu Star Bulletin.

“A vision of the future. That’s what the five students and two teachers from HPU promised!”
The Honolulu Advertiser.

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HPU’s “Kaho‘olawe” project team (Jacqueline Langley, Mark Nitta, Lew Trusty (adjunct instructor), Connie Bridgman, Phil Ajolo, Jackson Bauer, Mitch Mann, and Tharshish Johnson) experienced yet another and probably the most rewarding landmark on Nov. 8 when their months of hard work yielded one of the top awards at the 2002 Hawai‘i International Film Festival (HIFF).


The surprising inclusion of their 13-minute video in a Smithsonian Institution exhibition, and then actually being selected to show at the HIFF were huge achievements for the small visual communication program at HPU. Winning the Blockbuster Audience Award for the “Best Short Film” marks a turning point for the team and also for HPU.

HIFF is an important local event that focuses on bridging the cultures of the East and West. It has been running for 22 years and is the only statewide film festival in the world. The festival regularly boosts the local economy through its many showcased movies. It was well accepted this year not only by local people but also visitors.

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The best short film is one of the three main awards given out at the end of each year’s film festival. The audience watching the different movies through the 10-day festival votes to select the winners. Kalamalama reported on the Kaho’olawe saga in its Oct. 4 issue and reports in another section in this issue on the efforts of Mark Nitta and the Video Communication Lab in creating the film.


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