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Akamai Advertising clowns around

by Vanessa Katz, Arts & Entertainment editor


A red-nosed, rainbow-haired circus clown in red plaid pantaloons was spotted traveling down Fort Street Mall on Halloween. It was none other than Dr. Helen Varner, dean of the College of Communication (COC) at HPU.

Akamai Advertising sponsored the first-ever Dress Up Your Professor contest. Eight of HPU’s daring professors participated in the event, volunteering to wear a clown suit on Halloween day, to help raise funds for the national student advertising competition in the spring.

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Students and faculty bid on their favorite professor. The faculty member who received the most money would have to dress up.

After four days of voting, the competition remained tight, but in the last few hours Varner forged ahead leaving Chaplain Dale Burke at a close second.

“I knew Dr. Varner would make an excellent clown….She’s so energetic and unashamed,” said Akamai advisor Dr. Joanne Gula. In appreciation and for added humiliation, Akamai officers took Varner to lunch on Fort Street Mall in her clown costume “There’s Helen, just clowning around again,” said a passerby during lunch.

Also participating, representing various departments were Mariane Luken, Jacqueline Langley, Dale Burke, Carol Winters-Moorhead, Patricia Lange-Otsuka, Greg Schaper, and John Kearns.

Participation by students and faculty made it a spooktacular success. Akamai plans to make it an annual event. Watch out professors! You might be voted next year’s class clown.

Editors note:
Akamai Advertising is HPU's chapter of the American Advertising Federation. They meet on every first and third Thursday of the month, from 1-3 p.m. in the LB 1 at 1060 Bishop St. Students can participate in events to learns about the advertising industry.

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