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Titiyo Album has 'screw loose'

by Agge Sjobom, Assignment editor


NBC picked up the song for its fall season preview spots, film channel Starz plays it to promote its fall season films, and Six Flags amusement park uses it for commercials. This song is “Come Along,” sung by Swedish performer Titiyo and can be found in her newly U.S.- released album Come Along.

Titiyo (pronounced Teh-tee-yo) has described her music on the new album as “pop with a screw loose.” In an interview with Kalamalama last semester, she explained what she means.

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“It has influences of soul and pop, and it has kind of fallen in between,” she said. “It is pop with a twist.”

Normally Titiyo writes her own songs, but she didn’t write anything for Come Along. Instead she asked Peter Svensson from Cardigans, and Joakim Berg from Kent, to write all the songs.

“For every song they wrote, the happier I got,” Titiyo said in the interview with Kalamalama in April. For her three previous R&B/soul albums, Titiyo won three Swedish Grammys: Best Newcomer, Best Album, and Best Female Artist. Yet she felt that she needed a change.

“I wanted to do something new,” said Titiyo in a press release from Lava Records. “But I was worried because I didn’t know what direction to take.”

The direction was high on the sales charts. The album, Come Along, as well as same-titled single, went No. 1 in Sweden. The single stayed No. 1 for four consecutive weeks and twice broke the record for most plays in a single week. It was awarded Gold after only two weeks. It also won Titiyo her fourth Grammy for Best Song. “Come Along” was also one of the 10-most-played singles in many European nations.

In the United States it still remains to be seen, or in this case heard, if “Come Along” can go the same direction as it did in Europe. The album is now available in music stores in Hawai‘i, offering a bonus track as well as bonus videos of the song “Come Along” (




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