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World's most warring nations

by Johan Astrom, Online editor


Israel is the nation with the greatest number of wars since World War II. It has fought six major ones (Independence, Suez, Six-Day, Attrition, October, and Lebanon), and is now engaged in an ongoing internal security campaign against Palestine. Incidents include stopping foreign ships,and numerous punitive, rescue, protective, and preventive operations.

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India is the second most war-like nation on earth, with four wars (three with Pakistan, one with China), one peacekeeping operation (Sri Lanka), four forced annexations (Hyderabad, Kashmir, Sikkim, and Goa), one liberation (Maldives), and five internal security problems (Kashmir, Mizo, Nagas, Bodos, and Sikhs).

Egypt is the third most war-like nation, with six wars (five with Israel, one with Yemen), two rescue missions (Cyprus and Malta), one training mission (Western Sahara), and one border incident (Libya).

Iraq is the fourth most war-like nation, with four major wars (three with Israel, one with Iran), several border incidents (Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Iran), an internal security campaign (Kurds), one incident with a foreign ship (USS Stark), one revolution, and several coups.

Pakistan is the fifth most war-like nation, with four major wars (three with India, one with Bangladesh), a series of border incidents (Afghanistan), one advisory mission (Oman), an internal security problem (Baluchis).

The United States, since World War II, has had two wars (Korea, Vietnam), one liberation (Grenada), five peacekeeping operations (Dominican Republic, Lebanon twice, the Gulf, Kosovo), one accident involving a foreign airliner, a series of incidents (Libya), two rescue missions (Mayaguez and Iran), and one drug bust (Panama).

Russia has had two wars (Hungary and Afghanistan), one liberation (Czechoslovakia), two peacekeeping operations (Berlin and Poland), several insurrections (the Baltics, Ukraine, Armenia, Chechnya), a volunteer expedition (Iran), a series of border incidents (China), and a number of accidents involving foreign aircraft. (Source: www. Arranged by most to least




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