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Scientology oversimplified
Annonymous Faculty member


I am concerned about the article, “Scientologists—Our New Neighbors,” in the October 29 issue. It appears that this article depended only on Scientology sources for its information. At the very least, this ignores the very real controversy that has surrounded Scientology for many years.

I have no personal experience with Scientology, so I can only comment on what has been in the media.

For example, in 1980 the St. Petersberg (Florida) Times won a Pulitzer prize for its expose of Scientology. (Full text available at

The Los Angeles Times published a similar series in its June 24-29, 1990 issue (full text available at, that said (June 25): “Church Markets its Gospel with High-Pressure Sales” and “Behind the religious trappings, the Church of Scientology is run like a lean, no-nonsense business in which potential members are called ‘prospects,’ ‘raw meat’ and ‘bodies in the shop.’ ”

In1991, Time Magazine called Scientology “The thriving cult of greed and power . . . poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam.” (full text available at There are numerous other examples on the Web and in print.

The Kalamalama article states that “the church offers members free personal counseling (called ‘auditing’) and . . . free personality tests. . . “Those who are considering the tests, which are often the first introduction to Scientology, should inquire about their independent scientific validation. Those considering counseling through the church should read the articles cited above, which allege that counseling can become very expensive very quickly, and should inquire about the qualifications of their counselors.

/s/ (anonymous faculty member)

Flawed article
Ed Van Gorder

In the Nov. 11 issue, “HPU instructor coaches relationship success,” the first sentence makes a truly absurd statement, and your graphic is incomprehensible (300 percent of what?).

Please have future editing done by someone with some basic understanding of mathematics. You are in mathematical disgrace.

Don’t underestimate the power of the nerds of this world.

Ed Van Gorder Associate Professor of Management and Mathematics Editor’s note and correction: The opening sentence of Jayme Haitsuka’s article should have read: “41 percent of all couples married in the year 2000 filed for divorce by the middle of 2002.


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