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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone in our HPU family—students, alumni, trustees, faculty, and staff – who joined me in supporting Question 2 on this month’s General Election ballot.

As most of you already know, the State of Hawai‘i will now have the authority to issue tax exempt bonds to private universities like HPU for the purpose of making improvements to their facilities. Most states across the nation have offered these bonds to private schools for quite some time, and for good reason: rising costs are making it much more difficult for private schools to improve or expand their campuses.

On election day, I was delighted to see that a majority of voters recognized what a vital role private schools play in the creation of amore prosperous Hawai‘i. Private colleges and universities throughout the state employ hundreds of people and enroll thousands of students, all of whom contribute to our economy by paying for local goods and services.

A university such as HPU strengthens the entire system of higher education in the state by offering competition to public sector schools such as the University of Hawai‘i. A university system comprised of both public and private institutions will foster a local economy that provides well-paying professional careers and slows the brain-drain that lures more and more of the best and brightest away from the islands every year.

Growth states such as California, Massachusetts, and Texas have a strong public/private mix that helps fuel their prosperity as well as their prominence in the global economy. For Hawai‘i to thrive in a globalizing world, it is essential that we encourage a vibrant system of higher education.

I know just how many of you went the extra mile to spread the word, telling your friends, relatives, and neighbors about the benefits of Question 2, not just for HPU but for all of Hawai‘i. Because of your support, HPU will continue to holomua, as our motto urges, to move forward!


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