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HFDC offers student dental plan

by Dava Della, associate Science & Environment editor


One of the tables at the Nov. 5 Health Fair presented a new dental service program designed exclusively for Hawai‘i college students. The University Student Plan recently introduced by Hawai‘i Family Dental Centers works around a student’s class schedule and helps defray dental expenses. Students enrolled in this program receive 20 to 75 percent discounts on certain dental procedures.

HFDC coverage is available only in Hawai‘i. Under the University Student Plan, students receive two cleaning examinations every year, at $5 per exam. Other dental services include 10 percent off teeth whitening procedures, fluoride treatments at $10, and 25 percent off orthodontic treatments (braces).

To get these benefits, students must pay a membership fee under the term and benefit period of their choice (fees vary from $50 to $168) and must fall within one of the following categories:
• Enrolled at least half-time in an accredited program at a college or university in Hawai‘i; or
• Enrolled for credit in a continuing education, postdoctoral, or university-sponsored program.

Under separate term and benefit periods, coverage spans a full year ($168), two semesters ($120 for spring and summer, $140 for fall and spring), or one semester ($50 for summer; $74for fall).

The University Student Plan is not an insurance plan. Members may receive dental treatments at any of the 11 HFDC locations statewide, five on O‘ahu. HFDC currently lists 35 dentists and specialists to choose from.

Students interested in signing up for the University Student Plan may enroll online at and click on “online enrollment” or call 523-3103 (toll-free: 1-888-542-4445) to request an information packet and enrollment form.



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