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Cash now or later

by Rachel Richmond, News editor


It is amazing; you are in your final year. One more semester to go and you will be looking for that dream job. Now is the time to go out and find yourself an internship.

Internships are the prerequisites of the working world. Just as you have had prerequisites to get into upper-division classes, you have to have experience to get the good jobs.

Internships give you the opportunity to meet and work with other professionals in the field. Those professionals will be able to give you advice and help you get on your way to joining the work force full time upon graduation.

Internships are your last chance to improve your resume before graduation. Internship experience on your resume lets prospective employers know that even as a student you took the time to go and train with working professionals, which can give you an edge over other job seekers.

Some internships pay, but most donít. Many companies, however, see the importance of fully compensating their working students. They noticed that they were losing highly qualified student workers to jobs that paid better. Compensation from these companies can cover everything from transportation and housing costs, to hourly wages and tuition payments.

For example, Ernest and Young, an accounting firm in California, pays working students $20 per hour with the incentive of signing bonuses upon graduation with a degree in accounting.

If you canít afford a nonpaying internship and you canít find a paying one, you might consider applying for financial aid to cover living expenses while you work as a nonpaid intern. A tighter budget now may bring you a more lucrative job later.



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