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JayCees production tours world

Special to Kalamalama by Tony Chung


“Come Together, Share the Wonder” was the theme of World Exploration 2002, the Alakai JayCees’ annual HPU student presentation of multicultural dance at Ala Moana Shopping Center Nov. 17 that took audiences on a 60-minute journey from India through Southeast Asia to Latin America and back to Hawai‘i.

The Indian Students Association at HPU performed two unique traditional dances, Dandiya and Bhangra, with sticks and vibrant motion that celebrated the simple but joyful pleasures of life in Indian.

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Next stop was Latin America, with the Latino Unidos (United Latins Club) at HPU performing the merengue, a type of music that has its origins in the Dominican Republic. A form of expression derived from the early days of slaves in this Caribbean island, the strong beat and complex rhythms suggest the emotional and historical complexity of Latin American culture.

Then it was back to Southeast Asia to explore the culture of Thailand. The Thai Student Association at HPU performed the Esan folk dance from the northeastern part of their country. Called “Serng Ponglang,” the dance reflected the fun-loving nature and colorful life-style of the people who live in the Esan region of this fascinating country. Only four performers presented the dance, but their splendid costumes and energetic performance brought a resounding round of applause from audiences.

Hui Aloha ‘Aina Ua Kukalahale, the Hawaiian Club at HPU, was the last to perform. They presented 15 minutes of traditional dance, chant, and song the told, beautifully, stories of the Hawaiian culture. The grand finale brought up all the performers, volunteers, and committee members to the stage for another round of applause to the music of “Different Colors/One People.”. In its fourth year, the annual event showcases some of the cultures at HPU and promotes cultural awareness in the community.





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