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Nursing creates Transcultural Center

by Dr.Carol Winters-Moorhead and Dr. ReNel Davis


Hawai‘i Pacific University’s School of Nursing, established this fall, the Transcultural Nursing Center.

Seeing the growing diversity of the United States as a unique opportunity for HPU and Hawai‘i’s multicultural communities, the School of Nursing spearheaded a transcultural initiative to enhance health care by designing a program that engages faculty, students, and the community in developing culturally competent health care skills.

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Culturally competent health care ensures that the ethnic/cultural characteristics of individuals and their communities are incorporated into health care services. An individual’s culture strongly determines the wayin which health and illness is defined and approached. An appreciation and respect for different beliefs and practices, as well as the application of transcultural principles and knowledge, greatly enhances one’s ability to work with different cultural groups.

Four HPU nursing professors announced the creation of the new center at the 28th Annual International Conference of the Transcultural Society meeting held in Toronto, Canada, in October. The conference title was: Cultural Care Paradigms in Life Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Presenting faculty were Jeanine Tweedie, MSN, Patricia Burrell, Ph.D., ReNel Davis, Ph.D., and Dale Allison, Ph.D. Their presentation was: Service- Learning as a Vehicle for the Development of Transcultural Nursing: Culturally Competent Care in a Multicultural Community. It demonstrated the strengthening of transcultural nursing through utilization of a HPU nursing faculty service-learning retreat in the closed cultural community of Kalaupapa, Hawai‘i in January 2002.



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